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    Yoshitaka Amano’s chibi art for FFVI characters 

    1.5 Mil DL Terra Battle characters revealed

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"My grandpa asked for some videogames for his birthday."

can we please have man write more game reviews



    "My grandpa asked for some videogames for his birthday."

    can we please have man write more game reviews

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    horrorerrors said: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

    welcome to the black parade is a stone cold dope-ass song

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    belt-san said: Shinsei Kamattechan

    • do i like them: FuuUUUUuUUUCK yeah
    • have i ever seen them live: No, but I did get to see bandjanaimon of which Misako, their drummer, is the leader (EDIT: OH YEAH MONO WAS THERE FOR MY 2.5D PERFORMANCE WHEN I WENT TO JAPAN TOO, FUCK)
    • favorite band member: noko
    • favorite album: つまんね
    • favorite song: 天使じゃ地上じゃちっそく死
    • favorite music video: 23才の夏休み
    • favorite lyrics: 夕暮れメ-モ---、FUCK YOU

    As a japanese band, I can’t typically pay close enough attention to the lyrics as I’d like and latch onto certain feelings/words I can make out with my still probably-not-even-baby-level knowledge, but I definitely wanna point out the work TUMBLR USER corregret has done in translating a LOT of their lyrics: http://corregret.tumblr.com/shinsei !!!!!!!!

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    cimithesophisticatedfuckpamyu said: Melt-Banananana


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    Anonymous said: Elliott Smith?

    I haven’t heard of this dude T_T

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    If you’re tabling at a con as a Li’l Rookie, get ready to experience these 12 Stages of Feels exactly like this.

    A comic about an experience we’re all familiar with. Hang in there, guys! We’re all in this together!

    okay, stop. S T O P.

    first off, if you want to sell/be known, don’t ever call yrself “Li’l Rookie.” this completely prostrates you, immediately, before other people can make a judgment call themselves. why would i ever be interested in yr work when right off the bat you’re debasing it? if you don’t care enough to be confident at all, why should i care enough to buy it?

    also, don’t be such a sad sack because people spring for more mainstream or interesting-looking work. the truth of the matter is that many people you meet, whether in day-to-day life or at cons/festivals, will not care about you or yr work. that’s it. that’s how it is. not every person who walks by yr table is going to buy something or compliment you. many people won’t! instead of looking like a sad puppy when they walk away disinterested, be proud of yr work and focus on the people who do want to see. and don’t blame yr audience for not being interested in yr personal experience. they don’t know you! and they don’t owe you anything because you chose to be vulnerable. don’t expect them to; that’s self-centered and shitty.

    if you want to sell, and you want people to be interested, understand that independent comics, even sensitive comics about yr personal life, are only half about art — the other half is business. at this stage in the game, you are yr own artist, writer, manager, secretary, publicist, and financial department. this is a lot of work. don’t expect to immediately soar and make bank just because you put in time drawing — you have to put the time in for everything else as well. manage yr time so you’re not spending too much time editing yr scans. if you fuck up yr printing, do it again. package yr work so it looks unique and interesting. even basic practices like this will help immensely.

    basically: learn up and toughen up, or be miserable. the choice is yours!

    ^ fam is right as hell, and also, you do not want to spend time trying to win over a meme-loving crowd anyway

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    glassesthemegane said: The Smiths

    i’ve never… listened to em…………

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    Anonymous said: Capsule

    • do i like them: Yep
    • have i ever seen them live: No, the first thing we did in Japan was go straight to ageha to see Yasutaka Nakata DJ/drop a beer can on his shoes
    • favorite band member: Nakata
    • favorite album: Sugarless GiRL
    • favorite song: Starry Sky
    • favorite music video: y’know, I haven’t actually seen one. let’s just say Nakata’s Golden Rules vid
    • favorite lyrics: This is a paradise - 思い出して